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In these unprecedented and testing times of isolation and restrictions on our normal lives, I am launching something to fire up your imagination, something that in the words of
Lou Reed would be, your…. “Perfect Day.”

I want to hear what would make your perfect day?
This idea is not about making everyone feel sad and depressed that they can’t experience their perfect day now, but to have something to look forward to, and so when this terrible world epidemic is under control and people can return to some form of normal life again, you will be inspired by suggestions to help you seize the day and make sure you experience it to the full.

Why not use some photos to illustrate your perfect day.

I’m going to kick this off with my “Perfect Day.”

My perfect day starts with sunshine and a blue sky, followed by a strong espresso and a warm almond croissant. I pack my rucksack for a day out in the mountains of Abruzzo in Italy where I live, and head off to meet my friend Lorenzo. We drive towards the Campo Imperatore, a high altitude, impressive mountain plateau also known as Little Tibet.

Armed with crampons and ice axes we head off to climb a snow-capped mountain together. We take our time stopping every now and then to soak up the stunning scenery all around us, spotting the occasional mountain chamois and wolf. At the summit we sit, talk, take in the views and eat our well-earned sandwiches of rustic bread, aged Pecorino and tomato, before heading back down to the car.

As the afternoon sun turns golden, we drive to Castel De Monte, a small ancient mountain village where we stop for an Aperol Spritz served with a plate of delicious snacks that come as standard at aperitivo time.

We then drive on to Rocco Calascio an ancient and dream like restored borgo situated at 1,460m above sea level, just under Europe’s highest medieval castle and inhabited by just one family all year round. After a cold beer, the owners of the Rifugio and my friends Susanna and Paolo join us for dinner where I eat my favourite meal; lentil soup, followed by wild boar stew and a plate of chicory washed down with some excellent Montepulciano wine. This feast is then completed with a generous slice of homemade apple and almond tart, delicious! Oh what a “Perfect Day.”

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